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What a great product!! Our bathroom wall was damaged after our daughter, who had suffered a serious knee injury playing soccer, took off her knee brace and lost her balance getting out of the shower. She grabbed a towel rack to break her fall, resulting in the towel rack being pulled away from the wall with a very big piece of drywall attached to it. I had no knowledge or experience relating to drywall and used the 6-7/8 inch Drywall Plug kit to repair the damage. It was quick and simple to use and the results were amazing! After painting, you cannot tell at all that there had been damage or repair to the wall! Thank you!


Ontario, Canada

I used the Drywall Plug (6 7/8 size) on a hole in a bedroom wall and it worked great. I had seen a video on YouTube and it looked like a good option so I tried it. It worked as advertised – it was easy to install and gave a great result. You can’t even tell that are has been patched. I have used other products in the past, i.e., a wire mesh patch to fix a hole in another bedroom wall. It worked alright but you can tell where the patch is. If I ever have to patch another hole I will definitely use the Drywall Plug! Peter, thanks again for your help.


Minneapolis, MN

Used drywall patch to cover a hole I made while hiding wires in wall for TV mounting. It took 45 min. to cut and install the patch and 1 one day to dry. I painted the wall and nobody can tell there was an ugly hole.


New York, NY

I purchased an older home that used to have an obvious roof leak in the garage ceiling as seen by the water stain. After I replaced the roof, I started to sand the stain, but my hand went right through the dry wall. The spot was very deteriorated, but not large. I originally planned to buy a sheet of drywall and thought about all the leftover material I would have for just fixing this one spot. I was really happy when I was able to find the BPMI Drywall Plug that was just the right size. The repair was easy to fix, and you cannot tell that there was a hole there at all!


Twin Lakes, WI

This is a great product. Having no experience repairing drywall I was happy to come across a product that does more than simply patches the hole. My wall is like new again and just as strong as it was before the ill-timed hole appeared! The most time consuming part was cutting out the hole and by time consuming I mean it took 10 minutes. Their videos are very helpful and they give you the confidence that you are doing it correctly. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to repair their drywall and needs a DIY solution.


Tucson, AZ

The Drywall Plug product was exactly what I needed. My order was processed, shipped and received quickly through Amazon. The item was very easy to use and the finished results are fantastic. My wife is happy, so I am happy. There was a very minor issue with my order, but it was resolved quickly, easily and way beyond what I expected. The seller is great and the customer service is outstanding. I would recommend this seller as well as this product. In fact I will be ordering and using this product again. Great product! Great price! Great seller! Highly recommended.


Pascagoula, MS

Getting the hole right was a little bit time consuming because I had not done it before, but not a big deal in the end. Once the plug was in and I re-textured and you could not tell there was ever a hole there. To anyone who has drywall damage I would say: “Got a hole in your wall? Use this! You won’t regret it!”


Oro Valley, AZ

I used two of the Drywall Plugs. I am still amazed how simple they are to use! The Drywall Plug is simply the best wall patch that I have every used. Man it sure made my repairs easy, quick and with very little effort. It works just like it is advertised to do. I would highly recommend it to any one who needs to patch a hole in drywall. It’s also nice to see that something is still made in America!


Meridian, ID

I had to fix a hole in the wall of an operating room where a shelf support bracket came out of the wall. I used the Fireguard Plug because it was a fire rated wall. I made the repair at 8am with fast set mud. Sanded and painted an hour later. Then “REMOUNTED” the bracket in the same exact spot the repair was made and it held like as if nothing had been done! I was told that after lunch the room was being used and they referred me to two other clinics! Not only did the plug work fast, but it opened up more doors for me!


West Linn, OR

I had a large oval mirror that hung on a small wall. Because of the weight I needed to move the nail that held it once a year. We this year I ran out of options for the mirror to look good on the wall. I was walking through Lowe’s and saw the Drywall Plug and thought I would give it a try. OMG! I did the repair myself and besides the cutting of the drywall, it was sooo easy! I bought some new hanging hooks and put them dead center in the plug. It’s been holding for months now and I feel its one spot I no longer need to worry about. What an awesome product!


Concord, NH

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